AG & Meal Storage Tanks


TC can specify the most appropriate dry-bulk storage tank method for your application. By leveraging their knowledge in storage tank design, manufacturing expertise and customer service, TC is positioned to be your preferred dry-bulk storage tank vendor.



  • Small ag storage tanks: 1,200–5,000 cubic feet
  • Medium ag storage tanks: 5,000–20,000 cubic feet
  • Large and extra-large storage tanks: 20,000–2,000,000 cubic feet
  • Meal storage tanks: 1,200–50,000 cubic feet

TC will work with you to help you find the best AG & Meal Storage Tanks storage tank solutions to fit your needs.

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    Grain Silos and Grain Storage Tanks
    When it comes to the storing of any grain or meal products, one thing remains the same; your tank must be built in such a way that the products inside are not compromised and contaminated in any way. The food industry begins with the farms and the safe storage of the products harvested. Grain silos and storage tanks have a place on every farm and are designed to keep grain safe and uncontaminated. Grain tanks are correctly sealed and the inside of the tank is coated with a non-toxic industry regulated coating, to ensure that product is perfectly stored. Our grain tanks are available in different shapes and sizes, giving you more flexibility when it comes to the selection of your silo. This allows you to choose the storage system that will best suit the area in which you would like to have it installed. Steel storage tanks, as well as cement tanks, are fantastic solutions, and both of which are truly affordable, depending on what your storage needs are. With our tanks, you can find a reliable option that will suit different grain or meal weights. Steel silos are a great alternative to older grain storage options. Because of the materials used to put the tanks together, the silo will be hygienic, easy to assemble and highly versatile in terms of design. The steel tanks are also really affordable when compared to other options. As the tanks are so easy to install, you can move the tank should the need arise, an option you won’t have with a cement tank. Superb Design Experience as Silo Tank Manufactures Our tanks are made using the latest technology and most up to date design techniques. By using steel, the tanks are resistant to corrosion and more than capable of staying in pristine condition for many years. These tanks are not going to be affected by the wind or the rain, and won’t require maintenance for many years. Grain silo storage tanks are made from the best quality materials, guaranteeing that the silo will have a long lifespan and will provide many years of exceptional, hassle free use. As grain silo manufacturers, we can help you keep costs low and we can give you the exceptional advice about how to keep your tanks in a great condition. Contact our team today to enjoy the best tanks on the market.