Cement Storage Tanks


TC is a leading supplier of cement storage tanks and load out facilities. Typical cement storage applications include truck, rail, barge and ship load and unload storage facilities. TC’s bolted steel tank remains the #1 preferred steel tank design in the industry for cement storage worldwide. They manufacture custom designed steel storage tanks and we integrate them with the best auxiliary equipment package for a complete turnkey cement storage system. For international shipments, systems are easily containerized and shipped worldwide. Another TC advantage is that their proprietary silo jacking system, can also be containerized for international shipment, which allows TC storage silos to be built from grade level. A TC cement storage system is the most cost efficient and reliable storage system design available worldwide. In cement storage tanks applications, TC provides the best total turnkey solutions industry wide.


Typical Applications:

  • Integrated cement storage systems and load out terminals
  • Typical applications include truck, rail, barge and ship unload/load storage facilities

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    The Advantages of Bulk Concrete and Cement Water Tanks
    Cement silos are unlike any kind of tank on today’s market. Tough, sturdy and reliable, our tanks are more than capable of holding both dry bulk products as well as water, without the product being spoiled or lost. Concrete tanks can be stored either above ground or below, with both options being strong and long-lasting. Once installed, the tank will be difficult to move, so one consideration you will need to make is where you will be placing it as well as what it is going to be used for. Bulk concrete and cement water tanks are more than capable of holding large quantities and their no nonsense durability means you will never have to worry about the integrity of the tank being compromised. The tanks are coated correctly to prevent whatever is inside being contaminated. The cement tanks are also correctly sealed to prevent leaks from happening. When considering plastic tanks vs. cement tanks, there is a lot to think about. Both types of tanks have their pros and cons, while there is also a distinct difference in prices and uses. Unlike concrete tanks that can be kept underground, plastic tanks are made to stay above ground, as the materials they are made with cannot withstand the acids and other soil compounds below the surface. Another pro related to the cement silo, when it is used for water storage, is that it will keep the water cool, especially when underground. Plastic tanks can cause water to heat up. Cement tanks can be a little most costly when compared to other tanks, but the advantage is that although you are paying out more, your tank will possibly last a lot longer than the other options. Tank Maintenance Just as with all kinds of tanks, there will be a time when your tank will need a little maintenance or even a repair or two. After all, over any amount of time out in the sun or beneath the ground, a tank is going to need a touch of maintenance. Every few years, your cement tank will need to be given a wash to counteract lime from getting into the tank. A little maintenance will also be needed to get rid of any sediment build up. To get the most out of your tank, and to ensure that you buy the right cement tank, have a talk to our team.