Cement Storage Tanks

TC is a leading supplier of cement storage tanks and load out facilities. Typical cement storage applications include truck, rail, barge and ship load and unload storage facilities. TC’s bolted steel tank remains the #1 preferred steel tank design in the industry for cement storage worldwide. They manufacture custom designed steel storage tanks and we integrate them with the best auxiliary equipment package for a complete turnkey cement storage system. For international shipments, systems are easily containerized and shipped worldwide. Another TC advantage is that their proprietary silo jacking system, can also be containerized for international shipment, which allows TC storage silos to be built from grade level. A TC cement storage system is the most cost efficient and reliable storage system design available worldwide. In cement storage tanks applications, TC provides the best total turnkey solutions industry wide.

Typical Applications:

  • Integrated cement storage systems and load out terminals
  • Typical applications include truck, rail, barge and ship unload/load storage facilities

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