Fire Protection Tank


TC designs and manufactures the top rated bolted Fire Protection Tank designs available for fire protection applications, worldwide which we install. The Fire Protection Tank is Designed to meet Factory Mutual and NFPA 22 requirements, the TC performance package remains unmatched in the industry.

  • Designed for your specific water reserve requirements
  • Fire protection tank construction is available from 18,92 m3 up to 15,141.65 m3
  • Outdates API 12B tank construction
  • TC offers hybrid tank construction for larger capacity applications
  • TC will supply components for a complete fire protection water storage system.


Typical components include the following:

  • Vertical Standing Seam Tank Insulation
  • Sidewall and roof panels are constructed from 6mm thick stucco embossed formed aluminum sheets which are laminated to a 50mm thick foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam board
  • Panels are secured to a series of 6mm stainless steel cables by stainless steel strapping which attach to the preformed standing seam
  • Panels are interlocked and seamed together continuously from bottom to top
  • The ‘R’ value for the system is 12.9
  • Tank Immersion Heaters
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with TC standard tank insulation package
  • Maintains 5.5° Celsius water temperature at -10 ambient temperature
  • Mounts to tank using 6″ 150# flanged nozzle
  • Heating element can be replaced without draining the tank
  • 1.5 to 25 kW range — sized per application
  • 480 Volt / 3 Phase / NEMA 4 rated control box
  • Capacitance Probes — High and Low-Level Indication
  • Ultrasonic Transmitters — Continuous Level Indication
  • Automatic Fill Valves
  • Temperature Switches

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    ASIB Approved Steel Fire Tanks
    Any business or industry facing fire danger needs to invest in an ASIB certified fire protection tank. These tanks live up to fire safety regulations and are designed to be easy to use, in a hurry. When the threat of a fire is looming, or should a fire break out, you need a tank that will quickly extinguish the flames before they become a real danger. Water storage tanks for fire protection are designed in such a way that they are a cost-effective solution for ensuring that stored water is readily available, at all times. Our tanks will both safely store water and pump the water directly to an indoor sprinkler system. Should any fire break out, the sprinklers will bring the fire under control. Consistent maintenance and checks will ensure that the system is fully operational at all times. Our tanks are highly resistant to environmental elements and they are made with the strongest materials, ensuring that your tank will have a really long lifespan. Our tanks are highly resistant to corrosion and are sealed using a tough sealer, to prevent the water from leaking. These tanks are also eco-friendly and can double as a rainwater harvesting tank. Fire protection water storage tanks are capable of storing water on a long-term basis, they are low maintenance and they are really convenient to have, regardless of the industry in which you are working. Each of our fire protection tanks has ASIB certification. To find out more about our fire protection water storage tank specifications, get in touch with our team.