Industrial Liquid Storage Tank


TC industrial liquid storage tank designs deal with the factors that should be addressed in Industrial Liquid Storage Tank applications including operating temperature, applicable design configurations, corrosion considerations, pH/acidic levels, operating environment, materials of construction, codes, thermal expansion, chemical resistance, secondary containment and appropriate design standards.


Tank size ranges available:

  • Bolted RTP Wastewater Designs: 95 m3 up to 30,284 m3
  • Hybrid Wastewater Designs: 95 m3 up to 45,420 m3
  • Field-weld Wastewater Designs: 380 m3 up to 94,620 m3



Brine waterChemicalsCrude oil
Filter tanksPlant process waterIndustrial liquids
Industrial effluentPetroleumWater run-off tanks


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    Exceptionally Durable Industrial Liquid Storage Tanks
    Liquid storage tanks for industrial use are a must for every heavy industry. From use in the farming industry to biochemical plants in need of safe chemical storage, these tanks are made to live up to the task. Industrial tanks are made to comply with the industry safety standards as well as other safety regulations to ensure that no one gets hurt. Heavier industries often find themselves in need of industrial liquid storage tanks to store all kinds of liquids which are used on a daily basis. The tank design is one of the more important aspects to consider when searching for the ultimate tank for your specific industry. Easy to transport, easy to install, and safe to use tanks of various sizes are all available from African Tanks. Tanks can be custom made, with a custom wall size and height, as well as custom design styles and sizes being an option. Each of our industrial tanks is coated with a special coating to seal the tank and prevent leaks from happening. With our tanks you can be sure that outside contaminants are prevented from reaching the contents, making exposure to outside elements highly unlikely. Our industrial tanks are made for storing volatile liquids safely, keeping both people and property safe from potential life threatening harm. The chemical industry in particular needs to have access to safe storage tanks. Liquids capable of catching fire when exposed to sunlight or chemicals which become flammable when in contact with water, require a special storage tank to prevent this from happening. Our tanks guarantee that chemicals will be kept safe and away from dangerous contaminants with the help of appropriately thick tank walls as well as coating designed to regulate temperatures and which can of course prevent exposure. As with all of our tanks, our industrial tanks are designed to have a long lifespan and to be wonderfully durable. This means you will get plenty of years of great use from your tank before you have to consider replacing it or carrying out repairs. A well maintained tank will have an even longer lifespan and we can assist you with the maintenance. Our tanks are made to withstand all kinds of weather elements, and the materials we source for the manufacturing of tanks are second to none in terms of strength. Even in the roughest weather and climatic conditions, your tank will remain standing and the contents will stay safe. We’ve assisted numerous clients to find the most appropriate tanks for industrial storage and our prices make our tanks highly competitive. We have a wide selection of steel storage tanks for sale and we can assist with installing the tank, should you require our help. Contact us today to find out more.