Mineral Storage Tanks


  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Limestone
  • Coal
  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Fly Ash
  • And many more

TC is an industry leader in Mineral Storage Tanks and aggregate products. For cement storage systems, we can provide you with the most cost-efficient approach for a complete storage and truck load out facility. For coal storage, we provide functional mass flow or expanded flow discharge systems to prevent material bridging inside the silo and provide reliable material flow. For sand storage, we provide complete rail unload, storage and truck load out facilities. For lime storage, we lead the industry in turnkey storage systems for limestone, lime, hydrated lime, pebble lime and quicklime applications. When you are looking for a mineral storage tanks and mineral storage tanks systems, you can’t beat the quality and service provided by TC.

Standard product offerings include:

  • Typical hopper slopes: 45°, 50°, 55°, 60°, 65°, 70° and custom slope in tanks up to 100,000 cubic feet
  • We provide custom design chisel hopper designs for coal and other materials to eliminate inherent bridging problems inside the silo and provide reliable material flow
  • TC specializes in functional mass flow for specific materials
  • Flat bottom storage available up to 2,000,000 cubic feet

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