Municipal Water Bulk Reservoir


Tank Connection (TC), rightfully claim the #1 bolted tank Municipal Water Bulk Reservoir design and coating system available worldwide for steel water storage tanks.



  • Their proprietary LIQ Fusion FBE™ is NSF 61 Certified and is unmatched in performance. Their storage tank coating system is a stronger system than porcelain enamel/glass for potable water storage tanks.
  • In vitreous enamel/glass/porcelain enamel tank coatings, specify Tank Connection and AQUA AGT 2020™ for superior quality glass that will fulfill your expectations for long-term performance!
  • The RTP design is the only bolted storage tank design that is recognized as a replacement for field-welded storage tank construction.
  • Bolted tank sizes are available in sizes up to 95 m3 up to 30,284 m3. Field-welded water storage tanks are available in sizes up to 380 m3 up to 94,620 m3.



Complete specification development for Municipal Water Bulk Reservoir tanks, including steel water storage tanks and foundation design, calculations and PE stamps provided for any location.

  • Prompt tank and equipment quotes.
  • Approval project drawings provided within a few days of order receipt.
  • We can integrate auxiliary equipment and foundations for a complete turnkey system.
  • We provide water storage tanks solutions.

From the quote stage through order process, drawing approval, material fabrication, and field installation, African Tank Systems (ATS) will provide streamlined processing and Golden Rule customer service.

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    Steel Storage Tanks for Municipal Water
    Every municipality needs to have a steady supply of uncontaminated water at its disposal. Having the right water storage tanks are imperative, not just any water storage tank will do. Supplying an entire town or city is an immense task and the chosen tank will need to be more than capable of withstanding heavy amounts of water without the water being contaminated by all sorts of outside elements. We have a wide selection of steel water storage tanks for sale, and each tank in this line is designed with extremely heavy storage and use in mind. We build each of our tanks with the toughest materials, and each tank is properly sealed to prevent leaks. The sealant used is safe for the water, meaning the stored water remains pure. This also means less work is needed when it comes to the purification process. Our tank design also allows you to be more flexible when it comes to the design of the tank as well as where the tank is going to be installed. The installation of municipal water tanks is exceptionally important to the overall stability of the process, seeing as the immense amount of stored water will affect the land on which it is placed. Our team can assist in the installation of tanks, and we’ll survey the area to ensure that the tank is being placed in the best area. Our flexible tank design along with the different types of materials used to make each tank, gives you more options and can make selecting the right municipal water storage tank easier than ever before. Contact us for more information.