Power Utility Storage


TC is one of the largest suppliers of dry bulk and liquid storage tanks and silos utilized in the power industry. Typical applications include lime, limestone, fly ash, bottom ash, process water, industrial liquids and coal and power utility storage.

In power utility service, we provide the highest quality storage systems available worldwide. Our customer base is the leading power utility companies in North America. From power utility storage generation systems storing coal to FGD systems storing limestone, TC leads the field in both bolted and field-weld tank construction.

Standard product offerings include:

  • Fly ash storage tank systems are available in full fluidized flat bottom designs and fluidized hopper designs
  • Fly ash storage is available in single truck and dual truck/rail load out configurations
  • We provide custom design chisel hopper designs for coal and other materials to eliminate inherent bridging problems inside the silo and provide reliable material flow
  • In lime and limestone applications, TC is one of the largest suppliers of storage tanks in North America
  • TC specializes in functional mass flow discharge for specific materials Flat bottom storage available up to 2,000,000 cubic feet

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    Solutions for Fly Ash Storage
    Bulk fly ash storage is a necessity in the energy industry and made to purpose silos are more than capable of fulfilling the storage role. Fly ash is the outcome of coal burning. It is the material that is left behind following combustion, and is captured by an electrostatic precipitator or a baghouse. Once the by-products have been collected they are then transferred into a tank for proper, safe storage. Much of it is repurposed but it can only be used if correctly stored. The greatest problem with the burning of coal is that the facilities don’t always have adequate storing tanks. Incorrect storage, especially when you don’t have the right type of tank, can mean more money being paid out for maintenance and an increased the risk of spillage. Silos breaking down and spilling fly ash can be rather dangerous, due to the chemical properties of the product. Structural issues, as well as the wear and tear of the tank, can all be avoided when you buy the right silo. We make use of the latest technology to produce high-quality silos. Our tanks are designed to meet safety standards and they are affordable. We manufacture bulk fly ash storage tanks to safely store the by-product of energy manufacturing. Our tanks are constructed in such a way that your dry storage needs will be successfully met without the worry of tanks breaking. Our tanks are made according to strict industry regulations and they are correctly sealed and lined. What exactly is fly ash? As the product of combustion, fly ash is made up of many different chemical properties. Generally, this ash has components of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide which can make the ash rather abrasive, especially during transportation. The ash is exceptionally fine, which is another reason why the handling and transporting of the product can be so tricky. But regardless of these difficulties, fly ash is used for many purposes: • Cement/concrete production • Road construction • Grout and filling production • Stabilisation of soil • Stabilisation of waste • Loose application for ice control or for parking lots For more information about these bulk tanks and to find out about more about how to keep your tank clean, contact us.