Anaerobic Digesters Tank


In anaerobic digester applications, TC’s RTP (rolled, tapered panel) bolted storage tank design coated with LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ is unmatched in performance compared to all other bolted tank designs.

We are able to address the factors that should be addressed in Anaerobic Digesters Tank applications including vapor zone considerations, operating temperature, applicable design configurations, corrosion considerations, pH/acidic levels, operating environment, materials of construction, applicable codes, thermal expansion, chemical resistance and appropriate design standards.


ATS are the only suppliers of steel digesters that can offer you a complete packaged solution. We can offer the client a “plug and use” digester, mixed and heated. We offer the client a written guarantee on our mixing system complete with a CFD analysis.



In Anaerobic Digesters Tank applications, the important area inside the storage tank is the vapor zone area. TC has developed the ultimate Anaerobic Digesters Tank designs that provide superior performance in the field with low maintenance requirements. When you compare the facts on digesters, separating fact from fiction, your arrival destination will be TC.

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    Type: Black Steel
    Liquid Zone: Yes
    Vapor Zone: Liquid Fusion
    Installed Cost: Lowest cost digester option
    Comments: Black steel is optional for liquid zone that maintains no oxygen. Without oxygen present, there is no corrosive activity.
    Type: LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™
    Liquid Zone: Yes
    Vapor Zone: Yes
    Installed Cost: Most cost efficient
    Comments: TC recommended for a complete lined tank application.
    Type: 304 Stainless Hybrid
    Liquid Zone: LIQ Fusion*
    Vapor Zone: Yes
    Installed Cost: Cost efficient
    Comments: TC recommended due to the current low cost of stainless steel. Ultimate anaerobic digester design.
    Type: Glass Coated
    Liquid Zone: Yes
    Vapor Zone: Yes
    Installed Cost: Most expensive approach
    Comments: Sidewall panels provide good protection. Vapor zone deck design is the weak link in anaerobic digester applications.

    * LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ (TC exclusive and proprietary fusion bond coating system)

    There is a reason why TC is building the best digester designs in the industry and it all starts with understanding the requirements of each application:

    • Sidewall to deck connection is welded…not bolted. A bolted connection in the sidewall to deck connection area (vapor zone) is an inferior design compared to a smooth welded transition that is coated with a “holiday free” fusion bond coating system.
    • No internal deck supports are allowed…special pressure deck design developed — TC utilizes external supports only.
    • LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™, the best fusion bond epoxy powder lining system available worldwide.
    • For select applications, TC can provide stainless steel construction in the vapor zone area.
    • Cost evaluation:
    • LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ is the most cost-efficient approach for anaerobic digester applications.
    • Based on the current and continued low pricing of stainless steel material, a hybrid digester design that utilizes LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™
    • in the liquid zone and stainless construction in the vapor zone, may be considered the ultimate digester design available.
    • Their proprietary LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ is NSF 61Certified and is unmatched in performance compared to all bolted tank linings.
    • We can install anaerobic digesters in less than half the time required for field-weld and concrete construction

    Typical anaerobic digester tank sizes:

    • Bolted RTP Designs: From 1000 m3up to 7,570 m3with external rafter, pressure deck designs.
    • Field-weld Designs: From 1000 m3 up to 37,850 m3 with special deck designs.